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Fred Tarr, MA 1966 Drawing, approached me in March 2013 about constructing an exhibit of Iowa Alumni covering the years 1965-1976. I was skeptical. I didn't think many alums would be interested. Fred's persistence and passion for this project persuaded me to start the campaign to locate Iowa Alums and test the waters for interest in such a project. Peter Feldstien, Professor Emeritus, Photography (MA 1968 and MFA 1975) suggested that the project's time frame was too narrow and should be more inclusive. Fred and I agreed and we settled on the time frame 1953 2013. Now we are midway through 2014. Time to change the date frame to 1953— . Done!

Through my personal email campaign and generous help from the University of Iowa Alumni Association, this project became a reality. It now encompasses 38 SAAH Iowa Alums and is growing every day.

A note of sadness for me, Fred Tarr has decided to leave the project for personal reasons. This necessitates eliminating Part 2 of this project the brick & mortar and the social networking.

Thanks to all for your support and participation. As we move forward, this project will expand. As more Iowa Alums discover this project, they will be added to the on line event. This is ongoing. This is a network in the making.

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MA 1966 - Painting
MFA 1967 - Painting and Drawing
TA - Painting Stuart Edie 1964 - 1967

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