May 16 - 29, 2004

Elaine and I (the Novak;s), and Sally and Murray (the Coulter's), traveled to Scotland for self renewal. As a bonus, Murray was born in Glasgow, leaving after WWII -- this is his first time back to Scotland since that time. This helped to make the trip very special for all of us.

Lots of digital images were taken. I have sifted through it, taking out the worse stuff, but leaving most of it (warts and all) for your viewing; all ca 145MB of them.

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e# Directory Description
1 R-edinburgh May 17/18/19; General round-a-bout
2 R-edinbtoaberdeen May 20/21; to Aberdeen; stay in Kicardin O'neil
2a R-murray-murrayaberdeeb May 20/21; Murray's pics; travel to Aberdeen
3 R-aberdeentoinverness May 22/23; Aberdeen to Inverness - stay at Coul House/Contin by Strathpeffer
3a R-murray-Aberdeen to Inverness May 22/23; Murray's pics - Aberdeen to Inverness - stay at Coul House/Contin by Strathpeffer
4 R-lochness May 22/23; Loch Ness, Urquhart Castle
5 R-skye May 22/23; Isle of Sky, Portree
5a R-murray-skye May 22/23; Murray's pics - Isle of Skye
6 R-oban May 24/25/26; Oban and Tobermoray
7 R_opanmulllussglasgowhome-2 May 24/25/26; Loch Lomond, Luss, Glasgow
7a R-murray_mull May 24/25/26; Tobermoray on Mull
7b R-Glasgow504 May 27/28; Lv Oban, Luss, Glasgow
May 29; flight home.
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