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The Restitution, the Reconstitution of the Constitution...
Restimulated by my childhood memories - POW 7 to 11 years old-
And so with middle aged perception - returned with -
prosed/poems and aqua forte drawings -

yet hoping not to wimp/limp into your consciousness on crutches of self pity

but to emphatically share experiences
(a sacred act in and of itself)
for are not most of us prisoners of our own skins yearning to free-


Foaming Demon Dragon

For years I had a childhood chronic nightmare
of a hissing steaming train coming down the tracks on me...
Only recently in middle age did I realize
it was that foaming mad dog headed dragon in the forest that swallowed us up-
quot;Railroaded" my people and discarded us in a hell hot desert...
Shit us out in a deserted wasteland desert
That night train on the sly
that sneak snaked blinded through the night sky...
Forgive but don't forget
because that foaming puffing rabid dragon that swallowed us
has heads that regrow in many monstrous shapes...
That it takes noise makers* (like me) to distract the beasts
while those muted samurais act with fiery silent swift swords-
That quick flick flip of the wrist...
Yet there are those like me who act and cut with quick flip lip quips...
We've come a long ways, but a long ways to go-
Sound "offensive, offense, defense"


Pa just bought a new truck
for his peddling of fruits and veggies
in the fancy neighborhoods
out of "Pop's" O.T. grocery at 14th and Yesler
He, had two weeks to sell-
Bloody Hell, the landsharks
came in a thrashing!!

Squawk and Squeak

"Don't squeak son!
becuz the day you stop blaming
(me and) others you'll be a man..."

Yet I must speak and relate yet reach
the state of "No Blame"!


Camp School

Sis sez, in one school year there would be "multi teacher exchanges"
The untrained teachers couldn't handle'em-
The whole class would go berserk-
Screaming whenever another new teacher came into the classroom-
She felt her classmates were silly and immature in their actions...

Holy Mantra

The holy words
Family, Friends and Neighbors
(and Antagonists)
asked us to serve;
serve involuntarily for
the duration of the war

All Contents except where specified are copyright © 1986-1996 Munio Makuuchi, including the term "Aerogami"
All photographs except where specified are copyright © 1996 Josef LaVigne