When I was between the ages of seven and eleven years old, I was a "child POW" in a Japanese/American Relocation Camp in the Idaho desert. It was there that I became utterly fascinated by flying paper airplanes. For with them I would soar over barbed wire fences and machine gun towers to places one could only dream about...

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From the Valley of the Golden Eagle
in the belly of the Snake
near our "camp grounds"
and so...
With the Golden Eagle I soar,
uplift from the glowing red potbellied stove incense smoke
of bittered winters - I soar far high
and with silent grace

ZEN AND THE ART OF FLOATING FREE There is therapy in displacing one's stress- Freud suggested dream flying is escape and freedom, seeking release. Actually less pain is gain and more sane, cuz less stress is "besst". Try exhaling as you thrust up and outward- making the sound "WHEW!", displacing stress energy to launch your cut-paper flying-sculpture plane. Do it right to get true flight. In some cultures, people naturally blow on the tail of their paper airplanes before throwing.

FINALE Man's desire to fly, to reach the highest levels and planes possible is so strong. For me it's difficult to conceive of climbing to the highest point empty-handed, without launching a paper airplane. To launch off with the flying object, to fly, float, drift, rocket, project from where we are to where we are capable of going - from the known now to the future unknowns of tomorrow. To watch it disappear into infinity, or into a finite Universal Wall - Oh! when will all the walls fall!?


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