Letters to Ground Zero...

I. Dear Living/Dying Theatre World: In the atmosphere of the Hiroshima/Nagasaki Bombs and Hanford, Atolls and Chernobyl festerings and beyond to an Apocalypse of many places and races as the laughing hyena sniffs around the corner of the Millennium- a power trauma drama that reflects what might happen if we all don't get along!! A drama- artistic and powerful in content, meaning, and emotions and of visuals and verbals that attempt to express the mass "Hellocaust" on a grand scale. Things have been expressed in literature and the art on an eyeball to eyeball level, yet not so on the grand scale of what is yet to be. The base of this drama could be my prose/poem called Apocalypse of Many Places and Races from my desktop published manuscript "Lake Minidoka to Lake Mendota and back to the Pacific Sea". Ascending/descending bodies and beings and animals, birds etc., figurative mass ass out of glass- some aglow, roadkills; bulldozed bodies into sandpits into the orchestra pits- with bombs bursting in air. Slow motion Butohs and fast blastings of dancers and gymnasts blown away. Bungee jumpers falling into the orchestra pits screaming and hitting with multicultural drums and sounds. Multiculturalracial people in a Babel of tongues asking for water, relief, help- help from their gods etc. A "living and dying theater" where punk post Bomb images crawl, drag, groan, moan themselves onto the stage from the four corners of the city; animals from the four corners and people gathering from the four corners to the crossroad crucifixion of the Earth. Handicapped disabled wheelchaired challenging the audience to participate in the aftermath blast as they crawl out of the orchestra pits of sand run out. Audience call and response in a variety of languages. Movement in ultra slow Butoh and ultra fast when blown away. Music, languages from various multiculturals. Costumes from all the tribes- so people from all the tribes might identify. I see a night (dark) scene wherein humans are all aglow in neon and blacklight in the nude.

In verbals and visuals none have expressed what was and is to be (perhaps) that captured the sense of massassacre "hellocaustics". Let us attempt to. I wish to collaborate with you all, especially with my prose/poems and image ideas.

II. Dear Sculpture People of the World: Here mixed media sculptors and artists might merge/mix materials in magno/micro oven fire and have a field day. Verbals and visuals have yet to express the sense of mass scale "massassacre" that was and is yet to be - if we do not unite and all get along.

It is a growing project that will allow glass people especially to stretch into realms that are less crafty and decorative. An outdoor sculpture piece wherein artists via world wide web computers are asked to contribute life size images of sculpted materials in iron, steel, cement, dirt/sand, flesh and bones, etc. as they are affected by fire - fire of the bombs that were and are to be, a la an apocalyptic of many places and races as the laughing hyena sniffs around the corner of the Millennium. One of the lines in my prose/poems goes, "mass melted molten ass to glass" The setting will be a large koi/lily pond/lake with a bomb shape with ascending/descending animals and humans and whatever. With fire under water igniting gas up and into the stem and ball of the bomb.

Peter Bevis will contribute his bronze animal road kills with ascending/descending beings, animals etc.,etc.

III. Dear Paper/Paper Industry World: I'm creating a Paper World museum/institute of origami and aerogami, indoor as well as outdoor. I ask that aficionados and origami and airplane book publishers send in their folded and at times cut paper objects to Seattle where I'll catalog and display them for the public and history. We will display and give publishers their own special case - showcasing the books also. A library gift store will also sell their books. People young and old will be able to study with the masters here.

IV. Dear Asian-American Foundations and Grants, Philanthropists, Origami/Aerogami World (especially the Bagley Wright Foundation) and Friends thereof: Let us legally "squat" the R.R. building in Seattle, which is in the territorial prerogative of the International District, as a regional Asian-American museum with various other A/A organizations. Let us gather up a national A/A momentum for our National Asian American Art Museum. There are endowing Asians including Canadian and South American Asians among us who would be most willing to patronize and contribute to such a project. It would be most apropos to gain this R.R. station, since our people without recognition drove that Golden Spike connecting "East and West". Since we have paid our dues to the R.R. company store, let us honor with ceremony those early pioneers* at our opening. Let us commemorate and celebrate, if and when we gain this R.R. station or another, those whose blood sweat tears and hopes and dreams gained us footholds in this land- where in actualities they are the strangers in a (our) strange land. I feel we A/A should not be required to pay rent to the city or especially to the railroad company and it should be gifted to us.

Let us gather together under "Blue Spot Tailed Golden Eagle Wings" and preserve our "best of the East and West" artistic endeavors and expressions in a National Asian American Art Museum for prosperity that will also include Canadian Asians as well as those South of the Border

*Dedicated and owed especially to those dynamite monkeys who had their "tails" blown off - who were promised compensations to their families in the old country since they gave beyond the call of duty to the R.R. company store, the city, and the country.

V. Dear Japanese-Americans via Minidoka and Others Concerned: The Idaho Power and irrigation peoples dug up a large obelisk graveyard marker for those who passed in camp and threw it in a canal. I wish to replace it with beige marble ones in the shape of the tag they hung around our necks - a power mnemonics for those who served in the military and those who served in camp - and place them in the old swimming hole near the stone gates with lilies and koi. An appeal to those who wish to do something worthy with their $20,000.

VI. Dear Japanese, Japanese-Ameriacans, Asians, Asian-Americans, MIS, etc. and especially National Japanese American Historical Museum of SF and the D.C. Archives: This being the 50th anniversary of WWII and diaries of soldiers are gathering dust in San Francisco and Maryland National Archives and perhaps other institutions in the world - let us instigate and complete the following: To return the Japanese diaries or the photostats thereof to their families so that the souls of the "hetaisans" and their families might rest in peace. So that we might seek reconciliation between our peoples - the Japanese, the Japanese Americans, and the Americans. Also if Japan has such possessions in their war museums, let them do likewise.

VII. Dear Print World: Gordon Gilkey is an 85 year old curator of prints at the Portland Oregon Museum who needs to be "retired and relieved" of his busy teaching and collecting and curating duties so that he might record and write his wealth of memoirs and anecdotes and "Impressions" of Printers and Prints - internationally. He is an international treasury of prints and printers that needs to be recorded visually and verbally for posterity! He states: "It's good to see Munio finally gaining recognition...he stands alone in vision among American print-makers."

VIII. Dear City, State, Nation, and the U.N World: I've designed a Multiracial Colored Banner that needs to be officially adopted, by your CityStateNation and the World of the U.N...for we all Have to get along..."so that we shall not perish from this Earth"

A plea to be my Medici, to my Renaissanceness, to be the Theo to my Van Gogh...? (especially after three heart attacks, three bypasses with two more to go, four hernia operations, 30 percent permanent VA brain damage, extreme flat feet, high cholesterol and blood pressure, adult diabetes, prostate problems, and with falling hair that's not there anymore...) I need "a little help from my friends" immediately, to complete over thirty-two Innovations, Ideas, Inventions, Art and other projects etc... I'm returning to Northwest headwaters with sacred scars; Homecoming/running back to the sea to return again.

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