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(Unidentical) Twins

Chaos and creativity
born in the same womb
then to die
unrequited in
calamity's tomb.
Doom, tomb, womb, boom!
too soon!!
P.S. the greeks had it right...
stem word for chaos and creativity
the same!!


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"Droppings" (77K)
"Hard Edges Portending" (26K)
"Hells Smells" (26K)

A Delicately Imbalanced Hell-ium Balloon

Pa sez:
"Watch out when a woman is
washing dishes or diapers*
She may be wondering whether to stay or go-
Too much air and she floats off to pop
and not enough-
she collapses"
*Including yours

Ice Creamed

When the cream isn't allowed
to rise
to the top
The culture sours

Ancient Earth Travelers

In the ancient days Rainbow tribes crisscrossed
everywhere and

The Beauty in My Mind

Nature has so much more beauty that I could never match or express
My aesthetic is to plum the recesses of me mind
The interpretations, symbols and signs of psycho emotional meanings
interpretations and expressions and "anshauen denkensgefehl"
Look, think, feel
a communication expression
P.S. Always I look to the Beauty of Women!!

Writing in White Wall

in front of a white pure land of light



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