Landlox Midwesterners

Dad sez fish always rots from head first...


Salmon Run Run Runs Out (Hellowcoptics)

"Hello out there"
Up there
Hellow down there
Way down
Up the Headwaters
From the sea bottoms
Up the Salmon river
Down along the coast
where the mountains meet the sea
Into the tide pool nursery
of our racial run memories
Where we no longer run home
with the Sacred Salmon
"Hello, hello ground (and sea and sky) control
All communications are down/cut!"
Rocky Mountain cuthroats
no longer run
And rainbows
with steel hearts and heads no longer fly
And Cohos no longer swim
"waving their tails saying hello"
Now waving goodbye...



All Contents except where specified are copyright © 1986-1996 Munio Makuuchi, including the term "Aerogami"
All photographs except where specified are copyright © 1996 Josef LaVigne