Listening for pillowtalks
of EXcape


Favorite Cowboy Camp Songs

Four years wandering in sagebrush deserts singing:
"Water, Cool Clear Water"...
Out where a friend is a fiend
Where deer and antelope roam
Where seldom is heard a discouraging word...
"Oh, Give Me a Home!"
Tumbling tumble weeds...
Down in the valley, valley so low...
Send me a letter, send it in care of the (Minidoka) Jail-
and ending the refrain:
"thrust home" with the all time favorite!!
"Don't fence me in -
let me roam through the prairies (wide open) that I love"
Don't fence me in!
Barbed wire fences "No thank you"
Tumbling tumble weeds caught on barbed wire fences
awaiting the (divine) wind to set them free -
Longing to tumble free in the wide open land/sea
where they belong

        Yearning to free-
                    Don't fence me in...



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